Space Grey Vs Silver: All the Differences Explained

Space Grey Vs Silver

Space Grey and Silver are different shades of grey, each with unique characteristics that distinguish them from one another. The article will explore more details about “Space Grey vs Silver” .

Space Grey Vs Silver: What’s the Different?

Space Grey Color
Silver Color

Introduce Space Grey in One Sentence

Space Grey is a popular, modern and sophisticated shade of gray commonly used in the design of high-end technology products.

Introduce Silver in One Sentence

Silver is a metallic color that has been used for centuries in jewelry, cutlery, and other decorative objects.

Difference in Code and Value

ColorHEX CodeRGB ValueCMYK Value
Space Grey#808080128, 128, 1280, 0, 0, 50
Silver#C0C0C0192, 192, 1920, 0, 0, 25

The main difference between the two colors that can be seen from these values is the shade of grey.

Space Grey is darker than Silver due to its higher percentage of black in the color mix, which is reflected in its lower RGB value and higher CMYK value.

Silver is lighter than Space Grey because it has a higher RGB value and lower CMYK value, which means there is less black in its color mix.

Space Grey Vs Silver: Where Does the Name Come From?

Name of Space Grey

Name of Space Grey The name Space Grey has a futuristic and technological connotation, which makes it a fitting name for the color used in the design of electronic devices. The name was first used by Apple in 2008, with the introduction of the MacBook Air in a dark grey color option. The designers intended the color to represent the sleek, minimalist design of the device and its association with modern technology. The company likely chose the name Space Grey to evoke the image of the vast, dark expanse of outer space, aligning with the idea of cutting-edge technology and exploration.

Name of Silver

Silver is a color that has been used for centuries in various contexts, including jewelry, cutlery, and decorative objects. The name comes from the element silver, which is a precious metal with a distinctive metallic shine. In the context of color, silver refers to a shade of grey that has a metallic sheen and resembles the appearance of the element. The use of silver in design is often associated with luxury, sophistication, and elegance, which is why it is a popular choice for jewelry, watches, and high-end electronics.

Space Grey Vs Silver: Matching With other Color

Space Grey and Silver

Space Grey and Silver are two popular colors that can be paired with a range of other colors to create various aesthetic effects.

Color Combinations and Effects that Complement Space Grey and Silver


If you want a clean and minimalist look, pairing Space Grey and Silver with other shades in the same color family can create a monochromatic effect. For example, pairing Space Grey with shades of grey and black or Silver with shades of white and grey can create a timeless and elegant look.

Bold Colors:

While Space Grey and Silver are neutral shades, they can also pair well with bold and bright colors. Shades of red, blue, green, and purple can add a pop of color to your Space Grey or Silver device or room decor.


Pairing Silver with other metallic colors like gold, brass, or copper can create a luxurious and glamorous effect. Similarly, combining Space Grey with darker metallic shades like gunmetal or bronze can add depth and texture to your design.


Soft pastel colors like pale pink, lavender, or baby blue can create a delicate and feminine look when paired with Space Grey or Silver. This combination is perfect for creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere in a bedroom or nursery.


If you’re looking to add a natural element to your Space Grey or Silver decor, pairing it with warm wood tones can create a cozy and inviting feel. Lighter woods like oak or maple can complement Silver, while darker woods like walnut or cherry can pair well with Space Grey.

Popular Effects to Enhance the Look of Space Grey and Silver


A matte finish can create a sleek and modern look for Space Grey or Silver devices or home decor. This effect works especially well with monochromatic color schemes.


For a more eye-catching and reflective effect, a glossy finish can be applied to Space Grey or Silver surfaces. This effect pairs well with bold colors and metallic accents.


Adding a textured element to your Space Grey or Silver decor can create a unique and interesting look. Textured wallpaper, rugs, or throw pillows can add depth and dimension to your design.


Mirrored surfaces can create a dramatic and futuristic effect when paired with Space Grey or Silver. This effect is perfect for creating a statement piece in a room or for adding a reflective element to a device like a smartphone or laptop.


In conclusion, while Space Grey and Silver share some similarities in terms of their modern and sleek appearance, there are notable differences between the two colors. These differences include their shade, versatility in color combinations, and their commonly used finishes. When choosing between the two, it’s important to consider your personal preferences, the intended use, and the surrounding colors and decor.

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