Colors That Go With Royal Blue – A Comprehensive Guide

Colors that Go with Royal Blue

Royal blue is one of the most versatile colors in fashion and design. It’s eye-catching yet subtle, making it a popular choice for any style. But when it comes to picking colors that go with royal blue, it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s why this comprehensive guide will explore the best colors for pairing with royal blue so that you can create stunning designs.

Primary Colors

One of the best places to start when looking at colors that go with royal blue are the primary colors. By combining royal blue with the main hues of red, yellow and blue, you can create a bold and vibrant look. Red provides an excellent contrast to royal blue, making it a great choice for accenting the color. Yellow complements royal blue by adding a hint of sunshine to the mix. And blue is the perfect partner, giving a touch of depth and richness to the overall look.

Secondary Colors

For a softer look, turn to the secondary colors. Combining royal blue with vibrant oranges, greens and purples will create a more subtle palette. Orange is a cheerful hue that works well with royal blue, while green adds a calming touch. And purple is a great way to add a luxurious feel to the design.


Neutrals are a great way to tone down a bright royal blue. Black and white are classic choices that pair perfectly with royal blue. Gray has a softening effect, while brown adds a touch of warmth. Using neutrals is a great way to create an elegant design without taking away from the royal blue.


When looking for a light and airy look, pastel colors are a great option. Light pinks, blues and yellows work well with royal blue, adding a delicate and subtle touch. Lilac is a great color to pair with royal blue, while mint is perfect for creating a cool and refreshing look.


Metallic colors are an unexpected way to add shine and glamour to a design. Silver and gold are both excellent choices for accenting royal blue. Copper and bronze are warmer tones that have a grounding effect. And rose gold is a great way to add a touch of femininity to the design.

Earth Tones

Earth tones are a great way to give royal blue a natural and organic feel. Beige and tan are perfect for a neutral look, while olive green adds a touch of earthiness. Burnt orange has a rustic feel, while deep red gives a hint of sophistication.

Bright Colors

If you’re looking to make your design stand out, pair royal blue with bright colors. Fuchsia and magenta provide an unexpected pop of color, while turquoise is perfect for creating a tropical feel. Emerald green is a great way to add a touch of sophistication, while bright pink is perfect for a feminine look.


For a sleek and sophisticated look, use different shades of royal blue. Light blues are perfect for creating an airy and delicate look, while navy and midnight blue give a touch of depth and richness. Pale blue is perfect for a vintage look, while royal blue accents create a bold effect.


Royal blue is a versatile color that works well with a variety of other hues. Primary colors like red, yellow and blue provide a bold and vibrant look, while secondary colors like orange, green and purple provide a more subtle palette. Neutrals like black, white, gray and brown are perfect for creating an elegant design. Pastels like pink, blue and yellow add a light and airy touch, while metallics like silver, gold, copper and rose gold add a glamorous effect. Earth tones like beige, tan, olive green and burnt orange give a natural and organic feel, while bright colors like fuchsia, turquoise, emerald and pink create a vibrant look. Finally, using different shades of royal blue creates a sleek and sophisticated monochromatic look.

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